End of March Motivation:)

by The Coaches on March 28, 2015

We are going to run an age graded mile (together or on your own). You can run this on or off the track. You just have to prove using garmin, polar, strava, other file. I plan to run mine on the track. Once you run your mile, you will plug into calculator below and see who ranks highest (by age and gender) to claim your prize! Let’s set the date as anytime from today until Easter Sunday (a little over a week). All Start-tri athletes (former and current) are all eligible for prizes.
I will probably run on Tuesday after work…if anyone wants to join:)



New Race Kits for 2015

by The Coaches on March 5, 2015

Happy Snow Day in March! Many of us are planning/have planned our 2015 schedule…toward that end our Start-tri team, athletes and friends will be racing in their new kits at the opening races of the season Jerseyman Triathlon and Flat as a Pancake Triathlon. We hope you like them:)

Train smart, Race smart and Have fun!

The coaches


Run Power Calculator

by The Coaches on February 9, 2015

This is an entry by Alan Couzens, fellow triathlon coach. Very informative…
Run Power Calculator
Alan Couzens, MS (Sports Science)

You’ll find below a calculator that will give you an equivalent bike power (in watts) for a given running pace.

To use it, simply enter your weight (in lbs) in the first white cell then a given (flat) run pace (in the format h:m:ss) in the cell below. E.g. for 8:30/mi, enter “0:8:30″. It will the spit out an equivalent energy output (in watts) on the bike.



A key element in my “energy pacing your ironman” pacing strategy (here and here) is that you negative split the race, i.e. that you’re putting out more ‘power’ in the run portion of the race than you are for the bike portion. This calculator is particularly useful as a ‘check in’ on how well you accomplished this (or whether you left some time out there on the course).

Ideally, your “run power” should just about always be greater that your normalized power on the bike for any 70.3 or Ironman event.

This calculator is based on average economy numbers of 75W/L on the bike and 210ml/kg/km on the run. Actual equivalencies may vary a little with specific economy differences but this represents a good ‘ball park’ based on the average of triathletes that I have tested in the lab.

Hopefully, you find it useful & it can help to lead you to a PR in 2014.

Race smart!



Triathlon Camp/Training Session in Lake Placid June 27-29th

February 2, 2015

Second Lake Placid Tri Camp/Training session added…Just wanted to gauge the interest on a second Tri Camp/Training session for June 27-29th…This is in addition to our first camp. If there are several athletes interested, I will plan it. Very low-key camp with plenty of good volume on course. Email mickey@start-tri.com

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January 11, 2015

Workshop: Nutrition for races, recovery and every day. By Bridget Coll Sherratt, nutritionist and all-American triathlete Where: Starting Line Sports 40 Main St. Madison, NJ When: Wed January 21 @ 6:30 PM (@7:30 Pearl Izumi Fit session for 2015 Custom Tri Kits) Bonus: All items will be 15% off in store only Jan 21 Limited [...]

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2015 Start-Tri Team Announced

December 14, 2014

We would like to welcome the following six members to our 2105 Team Pete Kavalus Zoltan Kemecsei Dan Simonetti Kristin Cacicedo Deirdre O’Mara Lori Freeland-Morris The athletes : • Were chosen randomly • Will race Flat as a Pancake Sprint in June Race Perks: • Will be monitored on Training Peaks (if not already using) [...]

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2015 Sponsored Team Forming

November 10, 2014

Press Release- November 7, 2014 Start-tri.com will be forming a 2015 “Sponsored Team”. The team will consist of 6 total athletes (3 men and 3 women). The athletes : • Will be chosen based on their past resume and plans for 2015. • Can be current or past Start-tri trained athletes. • Can race in [...]

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Fall Updates

October 12, 2014

Welcome Fall in the Northeast… Fall in our area means recharging the battery and getting away from very “tri-specific” training. Toward that end, go find some new activities to re-charge your battery. Fall brings thoughts or mountain biking or cyclocross to sharpen your biking skills. Trail running or hiking at this time of year can [...]

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Recent Results

August 22, 2014

Ironman Mt. Tremblant: Great big CONGRATS to Ironcouple Matt Lefkowitz and Amy Campbell Lefkowitz for both achieving a personal best this past weekend at Ironman Mt. Tremblant!!! Also great big CONGRATS to Scott Johnson for digging deep and PR’ing by over 2 hours, JT Thompson for PR’ing and his brother Bruce for winning his AG [...]

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August Racing Update

August 13, 2014

Good Luck to all Start-Tri Athletes and friends as well as Paramounters, MAPSO, Endurance Nation racing over next two weekends: Ironman Mt. Tremblant- Matt Lefkowitz, Amy Campbell Patty Willetts MacNaught Scott Johnson John Bye Christine Kachinsky-Bye Lauren Barrows Jt Thompson Bruce Thompson Bernie Garuppo West Point Kids Tri- Brendan Eric Probst West Point Tri- Joe [...]

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