Lake Placid Ironman Course update

by The Coaches on June 22, 2009

imlp-downhillWe just completed our last training camp up at Lake Placid and for those following the tweets, you’ll know that DOT had been planning some roadworks on the descent down to Keene.  They haven’t quite finished (we think) although the work they’ve done has turned a bumpy and somewhat dangerous road surface into a sweet piece of pavement.  We tried a couple of times to get a clip of the surface and just about succeeded the second time around.  The camera was attached just below the handlebars and you’ll note there wasn’t much in the way of cushioning.  We actually have footage of the entire downhill but, to be frank, it’s quite nauseating to watch it.  If there’s enough demand, we’ll stick it up on youtube or something.

For those wondering what it was like up there this last (July19-21st) weekend:-

We dodged the bad weather and had ideal conditions for riding the course on the Saturday, temps ~65-75F.  Sunday saw a few light rain showers as our athletes were doing their long runs – we found them quite refreshing given that they were intermingled with some sun.  Water temperature for the lake has gone up significantly from a couple of weeks ago which, given the amount of rain, was a bit of a surprise.  It is now ~65F although this was taken from a heart rate monitor strapped to one of our wrists – never know how accurate that really is.

Anyway, hope you find the clip useful and train safe.

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