Tips for Triathletes II

by The Coaches on June 18, 2009

Picking the right group to train with:
Our coaching services and all coaching services structure specific workouts based on periodization, power, fitness, endurance principles, etc… When you train, do you train solo? Do you meet up with friends or a group? If so, what is the format of group? Many metropolitan areas are loaded with running clubs, cycling clubs, master’s swim groups and triathlon clubs. Toward that end, you can most certainly find a group to fit your needs.

Quality training with faster athletes:
The idea to build speed and confidence lies often very simply in training with a faster group of athletes. Let this group help push you to a new level. As coaches, we caution you to train with a group such as this only on your key/speed workouts days and give yourself the rest you need between these workouts.

Recovery training with slower athletes:
There is a fine line between improving your discipline by doing so with better athletes and breaking down by running, cycling, swimming too often with faster athletes. Who you train with should complement your training, but not dictate it. Choose wisely as to whom you train with and when!

Going solo:
If your competitive spirit will not allow you to hold back when others in your group surge or if training with slower athletes is not an option, you would be wise to recover alone. It is normal and healthy to need breaks from fast group training.

Sharing advice and knowledge:
Information exchange is an important part of what makes training groups valuable. Share your knowledge and advice and take in as much as you can!

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