Tips for Triathletes I

by The Coaches on June 18, 2009

Make each workout count:
We believe in quality miles, not just going out to log miles. In running, we fully believe in running on trails, grass, sand, other soft surfaces to avoid getting hurt.

  • Know when to say when:  Some individuals think more miles are better, and they have to be reined in. You can only train so hard before you get injured.
  • Rest up:  One thing that we have noticed in athletes having break-through workouts, weeks, and races is that they get solid sleep. Eight hours a night!
  • Hit the gym:  The stronger you get, the faster you get! The athletes that do some light weight training and core work get stronger and avoid injuries.
  • Stay calm:  Before a big event, act like it is just another solid workout. Visualize what you will be doing before the race.

Mickey and Jason

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