Tools that you should be carrying include tubes, tire-levers, CO2, multi-tool and chain-splitter

What tools should you carry with you on a ride?

by The Coaches on June 18, 2009

Over the last few rides here near New York, we’ve noticed more and more people having flats while out riding.  The reasons for flats vary – from the unlucky piece of glass or sharp object that you can’t avoid, to hitting things (holes, branches, large stones etc.) that, if we’re honest, could probably have been avoided if we were paying a little more attention.  Regardless of how they occur, you should always be prepared for the worst by having sufficient gear with you to get you out of most roadside breakdowns.  Here is list of recommended tools and replacement parts that you should be carrying with you on every ride:
Spare inner tubes x 2 :- make sure that the valve stem is long enough for the rims that you are riding!
CO2 cartridges and inflator and/or mini-pump :-no good repairing a flat if you can’t inflate the tire afterwards!
Some tube patches : sometimes two tubes just aren’t enough…these help get you home on the really bad days…
Tire levers: Minimum two, ideally three.
A mini-tool for tightening and adjusting screws, bolts, hex’s.  We prefer ones that have a chain-splitter which will get you out of trouble should you be unfortunate enough to have your chain break.
Spoke Key: If your mini-tool doesn’t have a spoke key, including this in your kit is recommended since you’ll be able to adjust any wheel issues en route.
Ensuring that you have the necessary equipment not only helps you get home, but can also help a colleague or fellow cyclist get home – something they won’t forget!

We ride with the premis that we’ll help other riders, whether we know them or not, who are having roadside issues.  It’s a good practice since there will be occassions when you’ll need someone else’s help…

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