Coaching with Training Peaks…

by The Coaches on April 13, 2010

Start-Tri is pleased to announce that we are now using TrainingPeaks software.  TrainingPeaks enables our athletes to upload there heart-rate, GPS  and power meter files direct to their profile.  We, as coaches, can look through the data, make assessments and use this information to set the next set of workouts.  TrainingPeaks enables us to put all of your exercise routines and workouts in one place – we upload upcoming workouts based on your requirements and you receive a daily email of what is next on your training plan.

The software also enables us to:

  • Monitor fitness and health trends over time
  • Track exercise, nutrition, weight, stress & more
  • Search and record routes
  • Apply exercise programs and meal plans
  • Plan and schedule your own exercise & meals

If you’d like to learn more about how we are using the software, drop us an email :

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