by The Coaches on December 31, 2017

As many take this time to set goals for the new year…don’t forget to reflect back on the year we leave behind. As triathletes (and TYPE A athletes) we focus on goals, numbers, statistics, etc…I was thrilled to punch in my Training Peaks chart yesterday to see that I swam, biked and ran enough miles to cross the US twice in 2017…However, as I thought about it, what is most memorable is sharing a conversation in the woods, a toast after a half marathon with friends, visiting a friend who had a knee replacement thrilled to race again, a ride to nowhere, following feet blindly in the pool at ungodly hours, shedding a tear for lost friends, celebrating new friends, their families and milestones…The long and short of it, don’t take anything for granted and ENJOY the journey. Make 2018 great “again”(wait…is that possible? were we transported back in time?? )…2018!!!

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