Accountability in 2018 (Repeat of December 2016 post)

by The Coaches on December 1, 2017

1- the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.

As triathletes are often type A personalities or self starters, at times, they need accountability. That “accountability” can take many forms. For some, it can be performance in a race, for some it can be answering to a coach or training partners and yet for others it can be answering to themselves.

No matter what that motivation is, feed off of it, grow from it and finally, let it carry you through your training and racing. At this time of year many athletes reflect back on the year (tally up races, miles, yards, feet of elevation, etc…) and to set goals for the year to come.

As you set goals think about what it is that holds you accountable…

• Choose a race that you want to do well in or maybe just complete. Is it a race you have done before? Can you do better? Is is a destination race? Can you bring/involve your family? Make sure the race keeps you hungry throughout your training
• Find a coach or training partners that push you. Be sure that your coach/training partners know if you are injury prone, what your limits are, etc… Be sure to establish a relationship with your coach. Toward that end, give him/her feedback on your training, progress, feelings, etc… However, once trust has been established, trust their training.
• Self-motivate…some times easier said than done Set goals along your training continuum, use results to motivate you, use tools readily available to all to give you feedback and challenge yourself (maybe ask for family help to get you out the door…).

May 2018 be a great year (in which you achieve what you made yourself accountable for)!

Mickey Cassu and the team

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