New Year’s Resolutions (reproduced from USAT update)

by The Coaches on January 17, 2017

USA Triathlon’s 2017 New Year’s Resolutions and Wishes

1) Race more, you will feel more alive —

2) Explore – try a new format: offroad, tri, du (trust us, run-bike-run is hard and a great fitness driver: https://,
aquabike, aquathlon, winter tri

3) Join a Club —, Become an official — https://

4) Tri-it-forward; turn 3 people on to our world, our lifestyle and our community —

5) Volunteer, and thank the volunteers, we could not be triathletes without volunteers (and race directors)

6) Evolve – our webinars provide great insights —

7) Spectate – No better place than the finish line at the end of the race to see the elation of the last finishers,
or watch the exciting, full-on redline racing on the ITU circuit —

8) Engage a certified USA Triathlon coach – we know members with certified coaches are likely to have better
experiences in the sport —

9) Be grateful that you are involved in the best sport on the planet

10) We hope you never forget anything on race day — (Print a Checklist)

We hope you remain injury-free and triathlon helps you be all that you can be!

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