Start-tri Athlete of the Month

by The Coaches on July 12, 2017

Triathlete of the month of July spotlight: Pete Kavalus

Pete is a long-time Start-tri athlete who has many great races at the 70.3 and 140.6 distances. This year he was awarded a 70.3 World Championships spot at California 70.3 and ended up on the podium at Raleigh 70.3. We are super proud of Pete’s drive and devotion!!!

What type of sports (if any) did you compete in during HS/College?
Basketball & Baseball

When did you start in the sport of Triathlon?
My first race was 2008

What attracted you to the sport?
I always played basketball, but after knee injuries/surgeries I couldn’t move laterally anymore and my foot speed was getting slower, causing more injuries. I would swim, bike & run just to stay in shape and talking to some people at the Y, they convinced me to do a race.

How many races have you competed in?
7 IM, about 20 IM 70.3, and about 6 or 7 short course.

What is your favorite race?
IM Louisville will always be special to me.

What is your favorite memory?
At the halfway point of the marathon in the 2015 IM Mt. Tremblant during a very hot race and struggling, seeing my grandnephews Nick & Anthony yelling to me as I made the turn for the second loop “see you at the finish line Unc”!! That got me there!

Why do you race?
I was never really a racer, as I played team sports all my life. Just some 5K when I was in my 20s. But as I got older and couldn’t compete on the court like I wanted to, I found triathlons as a new way to maintain my focus and stay healthy. After doing a few IM races, I really took to the whole triathlon scene…the different ways to improve your performance through nutrition, strength training and mental training. Really tap into your body’s potential and what you found out of reach, untouchable and even ridicules, is really obtainable. And of course the whole build up during race week is really a rush!!

What do you do for a living?
I manage a wastewater treatment plant.

Does triathlon help you in your job?
Yes, I think any kind of healthy activity can help in your job and daily living. I think the physical aspect and benefits of training roll over in to everyday life. It helps me to keep mentally focused and sharp, helps with time management, and is a good distraction or relief from the everyday grind.

Is your family supportive or your “habit”?
Absolutely!! They are the first ones signing me up for races, booking hotels and flights!!

If you could tell us one important thing about you, life, the sport or anything…What would it be? Stay focused, don’t get discouraged because there’s always a solution, don’t be afraid to experiment and try things that seem outrageous, when things aren’t going well go back to that “happy spot”, trust in yourself, your training and the good Lord. He put you in that spot for a reason! And eventually it will all work out!

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