Triathlete of the Month: September Spotlight-Alminda Brundyn

by The Coaches on September 3, 2018

Triathlete of the month spotlight: Alminda Brundyn

What type of sports (if any) did you compete in during HS/College?
Growing up in South Africa, we did a bit of everything – I did some track and field, as well as played field hockey. In college I continued playing field hockey.

When did you start in the sport of Triathlon?
My first triathlon was the Nation’s triathlon, an Olympic distance race in Washington DC in September 2009.

What attracted you to the sport?
I finished some runs with Team in Training and was looking for another challenge – and triathlon sounded like the ultimate challenge for this non-athlete!
Doing 3 ‘sports’ to get to the finish line was so far removed from my comfort zone that I had to see if I can succeed… and my first race was incredible! I loved triathlon from that moment on!

How many races have you competed in?
I’ve done 3 Ironman races, 6 Half Ironmans, a few Olympic ones, 8 full marathons and too many half marathons to count!

What is your favorite race?
Definitely the New York City marathon! I am a guide with the Achilles foundation and will be walking with my physically challenged athlete for the 3rd time this year – I love the energy of doing such an iconic race in New York city, but I especially love doing it as a guide – the feeling of giving back and helping her achieve her goals is very rewarding. I also love that I am out there for most of the day and can see everyone racing as they pass us – we start 90 minutes before the official start, so from cheering for the elites that race by to chatting and seeing all my friends running in the race, or spectating – it always makes for a very memorable day.

What is your favorite memory?
Crossing the finish line of my first Ironman – Ironman Lake Placid in 2012!
Before the race I was visualizing myself running down the finisher’s shoot with the South African flag in my hands and it happened exactly like that!
It was truly an unbelievable dream come true and one of my all-time best memories!

Why do you race?
I love crossing the finish line and feeling that sense of accomplishment – and getting the medal too, of course!
Sport has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I have made incredible friendships through running and biking. I especially feel that the multi-sport lifestyle has introduced me to many like-minded people and friends; and now I plan many of my travel and vacations around races and trips with friends.
I am always trying to better myself in all aspects of life; and when I get up and train most days, it gives me focus for my days and make me feel better. I’m also healthier and in better shape now in my 40’s than I ever was in my 20’s or 30’s! I have more energy and want to go do things and be active.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a software engineer

Does triathlon help you in your job?
Definitely! Apart from the better focus and concentration I get from the training – and that is focus on work, on living a healthy lifestyle, but also a focus on life – all aspects of my life just feel more in control. I sleep better and have a lot more energy. All of these are very beneficial for me at work. And of course all my stories of “crazy” training days make for great stories at the office too!

Is your family supportive or your “habit”?
My family lives in South Africa, so they are only aware of my bigger races and very long training days. I am mostly surrounded by like minded people that also really like to run and bike on weekends! Triathlon, running and biking really does have a great community to be a part of and I love my active friends!

If you could tell us one important thing about you, life, the sport or anything…What would it be?

Your attitude determines EVERYTHING.
The way you view things – life, training, a race, work, your PERSPECTIVE shapes your reality.. so even when things get really tough, its your self-talk that will determine how you get through it.

Any ride, run, race – or any situation you find yourself in – its all just temporary, so talk to yourself and find the right words to keep going!

One of my favorite saying is “One day I will not be able to do this… Today is NOT that day!”
And my mantra to keep moving is… “Just keep moving forward”

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