Triathlete of the month spotlight: Doug Scott

by The Coaches on June 8, 2018

Interview with Doug Scott

Sports in high school: In high school I played a variety of sports ranging from baseball, and football to swimming. In college I competed in powerlifting and Olympic style weight liting. After college I got into martial arts and practice for almost 10 years. I studied various arts including Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and a little Judo.

I started Triathlon less than a year ago. My first “triathlon workout” was September 1 2017. I am very much a beginner and had to learn a lot in a short period of time. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a kid.

What attracted me to sport was the physical and mental challenge, that comes with being proficient in three separate sports at the same time. I also like the the discipline of training and seeing how far I can push my body.

I have only competed in one race so far but my second will be Ironman Lake Placid in July 2018. If you are going to do something go all in and make it big :)

With so little race experience I can’t really answer what is my favorite race is. However, my favorite experience is being able to get out at lunch and run 8+ miles and get back ready for a busy afternoon; or, the first time I did a bike workout I could barely stay sitting for a whole hour, now I can ride 4-5 hours in the aero position. So my favorite thing about triathlon is being able to do things I was not able to do a year ago.

Why do I race? I love to compete. I love to push myself. I don’t care about race results or podium finishes. What drives me is the day to day grind of training. The waking up early to swim and run. Building your week around to get a long ride in. Racing is fun, but I love the training!

I am the Director of Strength and Conditioning for The Pingry School. I build the in season and off season weight training and conditioning programs for all of you Varsity and JV teams.

Does triathlon help me at my job? Yes, focused and working towards a goal are all important aspects of coaching and teaching. I ask the athletes I work with every day to give their best effort and don’t miss training sessions and take care of you body. When they see their coach living it every day it goes a long way.

Yes my family is very supportive of me. I am single dad of two girls, so that presents some challenges and sometimes workouts need to be adjusted. However, I try to include my daughters in to as much as the training as possible. My 9 year old would wake up early and we would watch movies during the long winter trainer rides. She would also make sure all my reflective running gear was laid out before she would go to bed and I would go run. While on the outside triathlon is an individual event I would not be able to do it with out my oldest staying home to babysit or walk the dog while your out on a 3 hour run. Not to mention making recovery pancakes together after a workout!

I guess an important thing about me is that I am always striving to do more, go further, challenge myself. I look forward to continuing the sport of triathlon and seeing where it takes me, how far and how fast can I go. Training and competing gives me focus and clarity in all aspects of my life. Taking a mountainous task and breaking it down into small chunks and going at it a little each day until you’ve reached your goal. To me, that’s living!

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