Triathlete of the month spotlight: Leon Herszon

by The Coaches on May 9, 2018

What type of sports (if any) did you compete in during HS/College? Tennis and rowing

When did you start in the sport of Triathlon? In September 2012, I did the Skylands sprint race.

What attracted you to the sport? I wanted to do something challenging and racing three different sports together had a great appeal.

How many races have you competed in? Several dozen Sprints, a dozen or so Olympics, 7 half-IMs and 3 full-IMs.

What is your favorite race? IM Lake Placid brings me great memories! It has a challenging course but the scenery and spectators are unbeatable (at least comparing with the ones I attended).

What is your favorite memory? I have two. When I crossed the finish line on my first Ironman race (Chattanooga) and when I was ready to give up after the bike portion on IM Lake Placid but saw my family rooting for me..that gave me the energy needed to finish the race!

Why do you race? Several reasons: I always practiced sports to add balance to a busy life; to have a healthier life style; and because 25 years ago a doctor said I would never be able to run or ride a bike again due to some serious back issue – he was wrong!

What do you do for a living? I manage global business for a training company and head its agile initiative.

Does triathlon help you in your job? Yes, it allows me time to reflect and analyze problems during long workouts.

Is your family supportive or your “habit”? I am blessed by having such supporting and understandable family. My wife actually goes to all races, always waiting for me at the finish line! She is the best!!

If you could tell us one important thing about you, life, the sport or anything…What would it be? I was on a fast-track career path for one of the largest companies in the world, working 14-16 hours a day and convincing myself that I was doing this for my family. The result is that I missed many important moments of my family’s life, got overstressed, and impacted my health. Then I realized that one needs to find balance i– family/friends, work/education, health/sports, and spiritual life. Any excess or absence in one of these can bring negative consequences. I think we have to consider all these aspects to have a better quality of life.

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