New Challenges…

by The Coaches on January 22, 2019

Well, we are three weeks into the NEW YEAR…Have you kept your resolutions? Did you make any? Do you need any?

These are all timely questions and good questions for triathletes. As an athlete (and coach) I like to set some challenges for the NEW YEAR. They vary from year to year depending on my mood (frankly, last year, I was not into RACING). They can be a goal race, a destination race, a “race” with friends (I am hoping for that this year…so be on the look out for some pressure from me), a far fetched goal, an idea, a plan to do something different or whacky by some individual’s standards.

2019 brought me to the “Run all streets in my town challenge”…and so far, I love it. I have lived in my town for 19 years (almost) and I can tell you that in that amount of time, I have run Park Avenue enough times to know every crack (even when the crack started and why it started), every house for sale on the street, every neighbors routines/schedules, etc…However, I have never run some of the .05 mile dead end streets that are 2 minutes away from my house!

So for now, this challenge is refreshing:) What challenge will you try? (Please, not the Bird Box challenge while driving!). Make it interesting and may it refresh/renew your interest!

Enjoy the ride…

Coach Mickey

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