Corona Virus Updates

by The Coaches on March 24, 2020

Moments of Corona…

Every now and then we need perspective…Mine came today after a week of “Trying to teach online”, staying in, social distancing, staying positive in a terrible situation, etc…I burst out the door after school, jumped on bike and let off some steam! I thought I was letting off steam by riding, but that is often when the brain works best, therefore it was RACING faster than the bike:(

THEN, as frustration raised in the my body again, I was HIT with PERSPECTIVE. While riding the beautiful roads of our area, I saw a young boy of 7-8 years old, who, seemingly had muscular dystrophy (or something similar) running, to the best of his ability across the yard in the sunshine with the biggest GRIN on his FACE:) …And there it was in front of me, PERSPECTIVE.

Stay safe, ride solo, run solo, GAIN PERSPECTIVE:)

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