• Three Cross America…
    On July 26th, three friends dipped their tires in the Pacific Ocean in the town of Bolinas, CA setting out on a 6 week unsupported journey to discover America, themselves and their will power! Day one ride from San Anselmo to Bolinas through the Marin headlands. Redwoods, unbelievable views, climbs and descents were fabulous with super switchbacks. First view of … Read more
  • Beginner cyclist tips to get new riders off to the best start
    If you’re a new rider yourself, or know someone who is, here’s all the advice we wish we’d received when we first got on the bike It’s understandable that during the first year of cycling, you may find yourself coming across a number of questions and stumbling blocks. Even those who have been riding ten years will occasionally find themselves … Read more
  • Now that some of our SUMMER heat is beginning to fade…time to break out of the DOG DAYS and MOVE!
    Triathlon training, run, strength and personal training. We will be hosting an indoor triathlon at the Berkeley Heights YMCA on Sunday September 11th. 10 min swim(beautiful outdoor pool)/30 min bike/20 min walk/run. www.thesay.org Reach out to us at 908-256-1738. Coach Mickey